Application was deleted

Hi all!

My application (which was on the EU Cluster) got deleted. Can someone help me with this? I wasn’t logged in for a few weeks due to vacation/sickness and after logging in now, my application is not available anymore. What happened?

Thank you.

Hello @Sascha_Neumann,

Your app was deleted because of inactivity.
You should have received the notification email 3 times (on day 15, on day 30 and before the app deletion).


Hello Sascha Neumann

Your application Urlaubsplaner (ID: D416E45F-EA9E-990D-FFBF-1CC7C61B6500) has been deleted because it had been inactive for 36 days.
Our policy is to remove applications without any developer/API activity for 30 days.

Thank you,
the Backendless team


You are right, I just checked and your Emails all landed in Spam (I do not know why)…is there anything you can do to help me?

We can restore your app, it will cost 200$.

The card that was tied to the app with the subscription should have at least 200$, we will charge it and then restore the app.

Please let us know if you’d like to proceed.

Oh wow…that is too much. Thank you but will look for another option on the market