Apply Backendless Bucks to new billing plan?

Application Id: 5DDDD554-906E-7866-FF50-BB0CA2C93300
My 30-day trial period is up Friday, and I intend to switch to the Cloud 9 annual pricing plan ($300/year).

I have 13300 ‘Backendless Bucks’, which converts to $44.33:

  • will this amount be automatically applied to my account (used before my credit card is billed)?
  • do I have to do something to get this applied to my account?

First off, congratulations with earning these BBs! Yes, you can apply them towards any purchase. To do that, you need to convert BBs to dollars. It can be done on the Manage > Billing screen in Backendless console. Once converted, your account will have a credit in the converted amount. When purchasing a subscription, the system will use the credit and any remaining amount will be charged to your credit card.


Thanks, Mark.