Archiving of files

I tried to zip my ‘web’ directory but I got this message in my mail.

"Backendless finished archiving of files for your application unsuccessfully for application: DeliveryPro .

You have reached your limit. Login to Backendless Console and select Billing to add your credit card information. The credit card is required to modify the plan limits."

I don’t understand what limit I have reached. I can’t find anything in the billing section that would clarify this for me.

my ID App: D3E675A8-5EAB-4152-A0B7-206D1942B8A6

Hi @Mihaltan_Horea ,

In your case your app had wrong usage counter for the file system. I have run force usage recalculation and now correct usage is displayed. Current usage is above your plan limit and due to this you received that error.

That confusion was caused by fact that for “Plan details” section file service usage couter value is taken while for check before zipping files real usage is calculated each time.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Mihaltan_Horea,

The issue was related to the “File storage” limit. As my colleague indicated above for the “Plan details” section file service usage counter value is taken. While before zipping files real usage is calculated each time. That is what caused this confusion. This is what caused the confusion. And the File service started indicating incorrect values with the warning you saw on the screen.