Are Backendless SpringBoard Plan Superscaling restrictions affected by use of No code/Low Code platforms?


I am really enjoying trying out Backendless. I just recently finished a number of missions and transitioned to the SpringBoard plan.

I have been using Backendless and Adalo to bring some ideas I have for an app to life.

I am developing/testing two things while I am learning Backendless:

  1. Retrieving data from Backendless into a collection/list in Adalo and deleting a record by clicking on the Delete icon (see Adalo screen shot):

  1. Generating a PDF online via an API call to Eledo, storing that pdf in Backendless file storage and reviewing the pdf via the files URL in Adalo.

After moving to the SpringBoard Plan the Adalo platform is not reacting to my testing and screens are freezing or data is not displaying or updating correctly. The issue is this response from Backendless when calling API’s to retrieve or save data.

“code”: 9070,
“message”: “The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan to enable the Super Scaling option.”,
“errorData”: {}

I understand the error. I also understand that there are limitations to the Springboard plan. I live in Australia. I use Adalo which is based in the US (I suppose). I am using my desktop computer and Adalo UI in Chrome to develop Adalo screens and test in Adalo Preview mode. I also test Adalo on my mobile device using the QR code and PWA mode that Adalo provides to test how it all looks/works on an actual device.

I am the only one using my desktop and mobile to develop/test. No one else is using the API services I have deployed.

Is it possible that the above SuperScaling error/restriction is being hit because Adalo servers are using multiple IP addresses to call Backendless and therefore the limits of Super Scaling are being enforced?

Appreciate any advice…Many thanks.

Hello @Glenn_D

yes it is possible, try to use Backendless UI Builder instead of Adalo

Hi @sergey.kuk

Yep… that’s the answer.


Yes, it is quite possible. If Adalo uses multiple servers for subsequent requests, it will trigger superscaling that is not available on your app when it is on the Springboard plan.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. So this Superscaling issue would be a problem for anyone using a third party UI platform like Bubble, Thunkable, Appgyver, Webflow etc.

Noting that one of the main ideas of backend services is to separate the database and logic from the UI which gives a developer the flexibility to utilise the most appropriate front end (UI) solution to meet the customers requirements (mobile native, PWA, desktop web, or even desktop thick client).

Not necessarily. There are plenty of users using Bubble or AppGyver for instance that have their app on the Springboard plan.