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Are there api's for operations like create new app?

(Rohan P) #1

Hi @mark-piller ,
As you know we would be using backendless logic builder for our platform to create API’s. So we wanted to know if we could get api’s to create new app for a user, get the end point of created API’s etc.

Also is there is any documentation of API’s ?

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hi @Rohan_P

All created methods within your API services will have their endpoints (REST, Java, JS, iOS). Here is documentation for cloud code with codeless. Language can be switched in the top left corner of the page.

Creating new applications is not available neither in SDKs nor in Codeless. To achieve this you’ll need to send a specific REST request, Mark will reply with additional details a bit later.


(Mark Piller) #3

Hi Rohan,

These APIs do exist as well as many others. Pretty much everything you can do in console can be done with an API. These APIs are reserved for partners and OEM customers. When you become a licensed customer, we will be able to assist you with the information you need.