Are there restrictions for file upload on the Springboard plan

I’m using the rest API and I’m receiving the following:

Status code 400
{“code”:9070,“message”:“The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan to enable the Super Scaling option.”,“errorData”:{}}

Hi @Bubbleboy,

The restriction is not specific to file upload per se. What you’re seeing is a message from the internal system that kicked the API request back because the system tried to tap into the SuperScaling engine. The Springboard plan doesn’t have access to SuperScaling. What this means is if any of the following occurs, the requests will be rejected:

  1. Parallel processing (multiple requests sent around the same time)
  2. Requests sent from multiple locations

Try to space out the requests sent to the backend so there is some timing between them.

Kind regards,

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