Asking about Bucks

Hey everyone.

In the missions, when I want to report a review it says that I collect 2000 bucks but really when I report the link and see my activity, it shows that I collect 500 bucks. Which one must be the correct?

Hello @Hassan_Serhan

We apologize for the misunderstanding. We will check this now and give you an answer.
Please, provide your APP ID.


Okay thank you!
This is the app id: 6F7DDA3F-9056-0864-FFF5-FFD541FF1100

Hello @Hassan_Serhan,

You are correct, we do award 2000 Backendless bucks when your review has at least 300 words. For the post you shared, it is significantly less than that. That is why you were awarded only 500 Backendless Bucks.



We received another article submission from you which you posted on Medium. That one has 70 words. If you’d like we can approve it, but it doesn’t meet the requirement of 300 words minimum to get full reward.