Associate a version to a File


Imagine this scenario:

  • I’ve an iOS app that must be synched with a file in the server named ‘my_file.json’
  • When the app loads if the version of file in the app is different from the file version in the server the app must sync it otherwise nothing.
  • How can I achieve this? Is there the option to associate a version to a file? Is there an option to trigger the ‘file changed event’ ?



Hi Matteo,

You can have some data object in Data Service, which will contain the number of the latest version. And in File Service you would upload new versions with the new name, like ‘my_file_v2.json’, so that you can retrieve the latest version by looking at the mentioned data object.

Please tell if this workflow suits your need, and if not - we’ll try to find a more appropriate one.

Thank you Sergey, this seems a suitable solution.