Async/decentralized team based development: Branches/Merges/Migrations

We are evaluating Backendless and we are a startup with some developers and some product designers (not UI designers nor programmers).

The non-coders had the idea to use Backendless and I am taking a look and I am curious how the usual team based development cyles would happen:

  1. forks/branches, merges/conflict management/rebasing
  2. database/schema migrations
  3. data migrations

I’ve also taken a look at and used google to search for backendless fork/branch/merge/sync keywords and got no hits.

The only developer/team things I found are about privileges and who can do what on what (roles/acl), correct?

How can I fork a project, make some changes and play those changes back into the main project?

Hi JH,

There may be different ways to approach this. It would help to know if you’re looking at Backendless through the prism of a coder who will work with code or a non-coder who would work with visual logic.

Cloning a Backendless app can be done with the “Clone App” button, which will create an exact replica of everything:

A separate replica of your app can be treated as a separate environment used for development, testing, staging or production purposes. To promote changes from one environment to the next, you can use the “Sync Changes” feature:

Hope this helps.