At how many rows data performance retrieving decreases?

1-how much data the table can handle, at how many rows the retrieving performance start to decrease?
2-We can delete some outdated data if this data affect performance, but does backendless support schedule deletion.
or does Backendless support any other way to keep the performance high in fetching data,if there is another solutions please don’t hesitate to inform us.


We have seen and built applications on top of Backendless where there are millions of records in the database. There is no specific threshold when the performance degrades if you approach it correctly. What does it mean though?

  1. Apply indexes for columns for which you do data retrieval most frequently
  2. Do not use auto-load
  3. Do not use single-step relation retrieval
  4. Creating too many columns will impact performance.
  5. If you have any before/after handlers, make sure to move any blocking logic which is not necessary into non-blocking event handlers .

I hope this helps.


Regarding your question about scheduled deletion, no, we do not have that option available (yet).


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