Audio video survey questions with my SaaS app

Hi guys,

I want to build a survey-based SaaS platform (like Typeform) but with audio, video, and screen capture capabilities (the end users of my client should be able to record media on a survey question and my client should be able to store and view the data on cloud).
I wanted to check if this is something that Backendless can help me build.

Hello @Nishant_Babel,

сurrently we are in the process of developing some of these components, but in the future, all this will be possible. We also have support for custom components (you can create any components you want using React and third-party libraries).


Thanks for the response. Pardon me but can you elaborate on the custom components bit? How exactly can this help in my use case?

Hi, @Nishant_Babel

At the moment there are no already created components that meet your requirements. But there is a Video Recorder component in our roadmap that may be suitable for some of your tasks (a more detailed description of your requirements is needed to be sure).
For now. You can take a look at our already created components in Marketplace → User Interface → UI Components tab, for these or any other requirements.
You can create components to suit your tasks on your side, this can be done with custom components. Here is a link where you can read more about the custom components features

Custom UI Components in Backendless UI Builder