Auto next number using codeless ui builder

I’m looking to auto-increment an order number field and looking for the best way to do this to maintain integrity (avoid duplicates).

I’m using the following which seems clunky:

And then I’m having trouble accessing the actual order_number value which I debug as returned as:

Here is how I’m trying to access the value, I’m sure there’s an easier way haha:

Appreciate any tips

I figured out the following works, but is it the best way to achieve this?

And now it looks like with some duct tape and binder twine I got this to work:

Hello @Joel_Maclean1

You could use right-click on some of these blocks and choose ‘External Inputs’, which could make it looks better.

Also, I assume Convert to Number and Convert to Text is redundant here. Could you describe why you use them?

Regards, Dima.

Hey Dima, I didn’t see a covert object to number so I assumed I needed to use the blocks to covert from object to text to number?

I will fool around with external inputs, have not used those before.

Hello @Joel_Maclean1

Let’s try something like this: