Automatic Recognition Process

Hi !!!

I would like to know if it’s possible to launch a process when someone make a registration.

I need to check in a list the VIP people from a list of personal IDs.

I’m not familiar with this kind of process where they are?
I’m always working with buttons and user actions.

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Yes, it is possible to do it in the Cloud Code in the BACKEND section. Please see below:

This will create an event handler that you can add logic using Codeless. The event handler will be triggered whenever a user registers in your app.


Dear Mark

Thanks for the quick answer, I found the Event Handler.

Now my problem is, the new user is registered and the Event Handler take the process but I found a relation necessary to save for my next step the “VIP Handler”, was not made.

Could be possible to have an “Event Handler” 1 second after the user is registered, not in the middle of my App registered process?

When I run the App the registration includes the Relation necessary but with the handler the relation was not made and that’s why it’s not running correctly.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 15.50.33

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Where do you specify the relation? Is it in the user object you’re registering? if so, the relation will not be saved - user registration does not save relations.


I did it as soon as the user is registered in “Users”.
I had the objectId and add same more information in a table called “User” with a 1:1 relation with “Users”.

In the code the “user” variable is null because the relation Users[usuario] was not made yet.

Can I have an Event Handler after a new record is created in a Table? That’s the solution!

THANKS I found the Data Tables (afterCreate)

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 19.17.06

Regards, Mario