Automatically serve index.html in web hosting

Hi, is it possible to serve index.html by default in web hosting? Without that I’m not able to host single page application using history web browser API like emberjs.

Hi Karol,

Yes, it is possible, but only with a custom domain mapping. If you create a mapping, then index.html from the /web directory is loaded automatically, when you navigate to the custom domain in a browser.


would be great to have a similar option like in amazon s3 to enable a directory to serve single web app. RIght now without a domain it’s not possible to demo the app for example.

You can use public URLs for this purpose. Inside of your HTMLs you can still use relative links. E.g. here is the default /web/index.html file from my test app with a picture insterted with a relative link:

the issue is about index.html in url. To make ember working I need a rewrite rule that automatically serves index.html when url points to that directory. Taking your link as an example In your link I want it to serve index.html content without having that “index.html” at the end of that url

This, unfortunately, is not possible without custom domains.