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Hello all.

My app was in springboard plan and I subscribe for cloud 9 plan. But things did not work as I expected. At this moment, my subscription is canceled, I would like to return to the springboard plan.

I can not switch to the springboard plan in the billing section, and I tried to buy the springboard shortcut, but I get a message saying that in my subscription I am unable to purchase that.

My app Id is B40D0CBC-D7A8-EF17-FF4A-1F6162A4E700

Thanks for your help.

Hello @giovanny_padilla

I can reactivate the subscription for you. Tell me, have you bought a springboard? Did you transfer the springboard to another app?


Hello Inna.

No, the springboard I had before get the cloud 9 plan was the one I won with the missions.
no, I did not transfer the springboard to another app.

Thanks. I appreciate your help.

I want to make it clear. Do you want us to charge for the Springboard and activate it for the B40D0CBC-D7A8-EF17-FF4A-1F6162A4E700 app? Is that correct?


Well, I prefer, If it is possible, to cancel the current cloud 9 plan and activate the springboard (the one I had before) without charge for the B40D0CBC-D7A8-EF17-FF4A-1F6162A4E700 app.

But, if not, yes, I want you to charge and activate the springboard plan for the B40D0CBC-D7A8-EF17-FF4A-1F6162A4E700 app.

The subscription has been switched to Springboard and is now active.

Thank you very much