Backend crash on editing records when switching type from string to multiple choice

Application ID: FD0A85C1-11B3-00C1-FFC3-326EBAEF8500

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'options')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'options')
    at Object.useMemo (
    at t.useMemo (
    at as (
    at qa (
    at kl (
    at Rl (
    at wl (
    at yl (

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  1. In a table with existing records with a column type “string” I switched the column type to “multiple choice”.
    2.Using codeless I changed a record´s property in that column to another text value
  2. Then I thought multiplechoice would need a list of strings rather than one string so I tried getting the existing record´s property from that column and added to that list and tried upserting.
  3. When I tried to edit the record (or any record) from the backend it just throws that error.

My app id is FD0A85C1-11B3-00C1-FFC3-326EBAEF8500.
The table is reservationslist and the column is Internal_Status


Forgot to mention that when I switched form string to multiple choice I had not changed anything else in the column, so there weren´t any options from which to choose actually defined.

Hello @Christopher_Muscat_Azzopardi

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the problem with your steps in my application.
Can I try to edit some of the entries in your table? Or can you add a test entry to this table that I can reproduce the problem with?
Can I reproduce the problem by updating some records using the Rest Console?


No unfortunately I´ve already fixed the error from my end :confused: as I emptied the table. If I have time later I´ll try recreate on a test table to show you if it happend again.