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Backendless 2FA?

Is it possible to add 2FA response to User registration and login?

I need to add 2FA so it can use Google Authenticator App. or Apple Authenticator App.

This is an urgent need. I’ve moved from another provider. They use Auth0 and Firebase Authentication to handle this.

In Backendless, I have no clue how to hook User to use Auth0 or Firebase authentication.

So how do I hook Backendless to Auth0 or Firebase Authentication?

Hi Polycount,

There is integration with Auth0 using “Auth0 Rules”. We submitted a pull request into the Auth0 repository, which you can see at

The pull request has the code that you can copy/paste into your Auth0 console. You can see an explanation of how it would work in the code comments:

Hope this helps.


Do you have an example for Firebase Auth?

No, we do not. Could you please direct me to the documentation where they describe authentication integration with external resources?

Please see:

Thanks. They do not allow “injection” of an external identity manager.

Btw, we’re adding our own implementation for phone authentication, it should be available soon.


Dear sir, i am sorry for bumping old topic, but i’ve tried to search and this thread comes at the first page
any sample to utilize 2fa on user login?


We have the plugin but it requires some more tests and documentation.
It will be available in about a month.