Backendless 4.0 b18: Unable to download service SDK

Hi there,

I was just trying to re-deploy all of my Java BL service functions with the new release of Backendless 4.0 b18 (I updated coderunner as required, and was able to upload everything without a problem) and everything displays just fine in Backendless console.

Since I noticed that we can now download ObjC & Swift client SDK for the services as of b18, I thought I would look into updating my project with swift files. I was able to successfully download the sdk from backendless console for all of my published services except one. I get this error:

{"code":14015,"message":"Can't generate SDK code for this service or platform."}

This happens if I try to download Obj or Swift code, but only for the one service that has the issue.

Would there be anything in my code that is somehow preventing the console to generate the SDK / me being able to download it? Are there any logs on your end that could be checked to see why this is?


Hello Renato

Could you please specify your application Id and the name of the service which causes issues? We will look into this.

Regards Anton

Hi Anton,

The App ID is A324EB2B-1BF5-EB0A-FF36-62F47D198E00 and its the “Student” Service that’s causing trouble.


I’ve reproduced the issue you’ve described.

Renato, please send the jar/zip of the service to It might be helpful for investigation.
We’ll report back ASAP

Regards Anton

Hi Anton,

Thanks for looking into this - I’ve now sent that over as requested.


Hi Renato

I’ve reproduced the issue you’ve described. The reason of the error is that you have 2 classes with same name “Student”: first located in services, the second one in models. I’ve opened internal ticket and we’ll be working on a fix.

As a workaround for now I would recommend to rename the service class form ‘Student’ to any else and the issue will be solved. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards Anton

Makes sense! Thanks Anton, I will use that work around for now.


The backend has been updated (v4.0.7) to return a meaningful error message in this scenario.