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Backendless 4.0 beta and .NET support

(Kris Portier) #1

I’m currently developing a .NET app with backendless 3.0 as backend. Now with 4.0 in beta out, I wanted to try it out.

To my surprise there isn’t much to find about support for .NET

When trying to init the connection I get a failure that the version is disabled. I’ve tried to provide different kind of values like “”, null, … but it doesn’t work. Will there be an update of the SDK or is there a workaround so I can connect with .NET to backendless 4.0.

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hello Kris

On app initialization you don’t need to provide version anymore, just appId and secret key. Documentation for .NET SDK will be provided but a bit later, I’ll respond in this topic later regarding approximate date of its release.

Regards Anton

(Mark Piller) #3

Hi Kris,

The latest build of the .NET assembly is available at:

We’re working on updating the docs. Meanwhile, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


(Kris Portier) #4

Sorry for the late responds… just to confirm that the new dll works.

(Kris Portier) #5

I’ve got a new problem. Logging in with the new backendless.dll works. Fetching data works also.

Calling custombusiness logic on the other hand doesn’t work at all. I get the following error when calling the invoke:

{“Type:“java.lang.NoSuchMethodError”, Description:“com.backendless.IDataStore.find()Lcom/backendless/BackendlessCollection;”, ExceptionClass:“ServiceException” {Msg:“none”, Cause:“none”}”}

With BackendlessCollection not being used anymore, I find that strange.

(Kris Portier) #6

After what more debugging, I found the problem to be in my business logic itself.