Backendless 4.0 migration

I’m developping as iOS app and I’m using Backendless Cloud 3.
Now, I wanna try Backendless 4.0. I saw that at this moment it’s only avaible Backendless Pro 4.0 Beta (free usage). When will be available Backendless Cloud beta?
If I migrate my existing app I’ve to create a new one with Backendless Pro 4.0.
Then if I wanna switch back to Backendless Cloud (once it’ll available), have I to create a new app or will the app in Backendless Pro 4.0 automatically added in Backendless Cloud 4.0?

Hello Matteo

We estimate to release Cloud 4 beta in April. Apps will not be automatically transfered to Cloud but there gonna be an easy way to migrate your data to Cloud, just like it works now for app migration from 3.0 to 4.0

Regards Anton

Hi Matteo,

We plan to release version 4.0 in Backendless Cloud some time in April. If you have an app in development in Pro4.0 at that time, you will be able to migrate the app to version 4 in the Cloud.

At the moment, we have not published iOS SDK for Backendless Pro v4 beta1. There will be an update within the next 2 weeks with support for iOS (SDK, codegen, etc).


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the answer, this was what I wanted to hear!

Hi Mark,

any news about the client iOS SDK?