Backendless 4: Social Users and Passwords

Hi Backendless’s team.
I’m using Backendless iOS SDK 4.0 Beta 3. (pod ‘Backendless’, ‘4.0b3’)
Every time I try to update data from a user that was created via Social Login* I get the following error “Social user cannot use password”. I think social login via iOS SDK is creating password for new users. The “password” field at my app console is filled right after the social login is finished. (See the attached file) .
I did remember that on Backendless 3.x the password field was always empty for social users.
I did check my mapping fields for social login to ensure is not have any “password” key/value on it.
*Did not try using Twitter login.
Thank you for the awesome work on Backendless.

Hi Felipe,

thank you for reporting this issue, we have reproduced it and will fix it very soon.
Me or someone else from our team will notify you here once SDK will be updated with this fix. Currently you can reference this issue by it’s internal ticket ID - BKNDLSS-14397.
Thanks for your patience!


Hi Felipe,

The problem has been fixed. Could you please verify on your end and confirm?


Solved! :smiley: \o/