Backendless Adding Column to Table -- But Why?

I have a page (FloorPlans in App 6678DF06-5625-266F-FF51-F8ABC9DDCA00) that contains a Data Table component. In the On Record Selected event, I have this Codeless code:

In the Block ID modal-block, I have a Block ID modal-content-block for which the Data Model Logic is a binding to ModalContentFormData. Inside the modal-content-block, I have a Container with ID selected-record-data-container for which the Data Model Logic is a binding to SelectedRecordFromTable (which is the object I added to ModalContentFormData in the Codeless code above. All of this works as I expect. Data bindings to Text fields in the selected-record-data-container all work fine, EXCEPT

Inside the selected-record-data-container, I have a repeater container that is bound to a JSON column from the SelectedRecordFromTable. The column is populated by this code when a user uploads files using the File Uploader component:

The code puts JSON data (an array of objects) in the Attachments property of the SelectedRecordFromTable object that is bound to the selected-record-data-container repeater container. In later code, the data is correctly saved to the database in a JSON column in the form:

{Object with Properties},
{Object with Properties},
{Object with Properties}

If the Attachments property of SelectedRecordFromTable already has JSON data, the repeater container correctly populates the rows of the container.

HOWEVER, when the user first uploads files and the Attachments property is updated in the above code, the repeater container does not update to show the uploaded files. Even after I close the modal-block (having saved the data to the database), I have to reload the web page to get the repeater container to show the JSON data.

Shouldn’t the container update when its bound data source is updated?

After posting, I though an image of the component tree might be helpful/

The attached-files-container is actually the repeater container, not the selected-record-data-container. I use the latter just for layout. The Link component is in the only row of attached-files-container, and the Link component is bound to the Filename property of the Attachments object.

If to separate the logic of retrieving the data and saving – did you try just to save the data manually with the REST console or with cURL (in the same table) in order to find the cause of such a behavior?
Also before saving it may be helpful to log the object, so you can analyze its content.

To debug this add logic (instead of data binding) to the repeater’s data source property. In the logic you should be able to print out the actual data source to see what’s in it. That should give you some clues.