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Backendless API calls not working anymore

Hey there,
I’ve been testing appgyver functionality against Backendless data tables and is has been working great up until yesterday. Now backendless REST calls are not returning. Is this due to a trial expiring? My account says I still have a trial active.

Hello, @Joel_Maclean.

Can you provide your app id?

Regards, Nikita.

Hey Nikita,
I’ve been working on this for 12 hours and the second I posted this it started working again haha.
App id is CEC04DDA-2510-3810-FFC8-C7E05A08DB00 if you want to have a look. Tks for your quick response

@Joel_Maclean, an hour ago we had a little technical work, maybe that’s why it caused you a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Is everything working fine at the moment?

Regards, Nikita.

Ok! That would explain it haha. Yes all good now tks.