Backendless app deleted automatically.

Hello Backendless Team,

I have been using backendless for a couple of months now, but yesterday when i tried to access my app with id ( I couldn’t access it as it is saying that it is non existent app id. Please look into this issue on urgent basis, as it is crashing my app.


We’re looking into it. Do you use Backendless just for file storage or there are some API calls as well?

I was using this app for file storage only at the moment.

The app has been restored.

And what developer has to do when his app restored? For example I have had 6 apps created, and all of them was deleted automatically

Applications which have no activity for a long time are considered dormant and are subject to deletion.

Hello Mark,

After how much time app becomes dormant? And app should not become dormant if we are using it for hosting purposes. Can you please guide how can we avoid these apps becoming dormant if we want to use it for hosting purpose only.

Could you please describe what you mean by “hosting purposes”?

The app that was deleted, I was using it for hosting a json file only.

Has the app been restored?

Hello Mark,

The app is restored, but can you please guide me, how can i avoid this in future.

Make sure to get on a paid plan when it becomes available.

We will also review the app cleanup algorithm.