Backendless Apps Gone. Are these restorable?

So I have made some projects using the backendless trial version but I haven’t used it for a while now.

Recently I have been told that my app stopped working. Then I found out that 3 entire apps have been deleted. Obviously this is a big problem. I also checked my mails and there was no notification regarding to this which is ridiculous.

If this because I used the trial version, there should be at least a notification or I should be able to view and host the backend somewhere else temporary. But this is making me kinda mad.

Is there anyway to get these restored?

Hi Solomon,

When the trial period for an application expires, an email is sent out. Here’s the one that was sent to you on Jun 27th. If an application remains in the dormant state for 2 months, it is removed from our system per the terms and conditions (see clause 1.6). Applications without any activity and/or blocked API calls (such as those where trial expired and the developer didn’t do anything about it) take up valuable resources - database, file storage, virtual machines allocated to your app, etc.

Here’s the email that was sent to you:

Hey Mark,
First thanks for the fast reply.

So Indeed I received this emal and thanks to this email I knew about it. Issue is that this was the only app I got notified for. For the other three apps there was no email whatsoever.

These are the latest emails received:

And one more thing.
Just to be clear all apps that are not visible are confirm deleted and can’t be restored correct?

Hi Solomon,

Please let me know application IDs for other apps, and I will look into it.



  1. 1B9010AF-DE08-4FD3-FF74-A6FBC2D96E00
  2. 4F028E3C-EEA0-F35B-FFBE-D51E504E9F00

Sadly I can’t find the third one.

Hi Solomon,

I checked the apps you referenced. The first one (1B9010AF-DE08-4FD3-FF74-A6FBC2D96E00) appears was deleted from Backendless Console on September 18th. It was actually on the Free plan at that time (not in trial). When the state of a subscription changes from Active to Canceled it means the app was deleted from Backendless console (not our cleanup script):

The second one (4F028E3C-EEA0-F35B-FFBE-D51E504E9F00) was deleted again from Backendless Console on September 16th:


Hey Mark,

So this basicly means that I manually removed the apps so I can complain about it a month later🤔.
Anyway I assume there is no way to restore any data, which really stinks, but it is what it is.

Again thank you very much for your effort.

Best regards,