Backendless as backend with Adalo

Hello everyone,
Please help, I’m a fresher here…

I use Adalo to build my app and would like to use Backendless for my backend.

So, my questions are:

  1. What happens to all the logic flow I have already set on Adalo when I replace Adalo Database with Backendless as my new backend? For ex. Complex conditions I set on actions. Will I have to re-assign them again?

  2. Would I need to re-create relationships between collections in Backendless? If yes, then how does that work? For ex. my user collection has a many to many relationship with a collection of interests.

  3. Will using Backendless as my backend in addition with considerable cautious UI design on Adalo frontend make a diffference in the user experience with regards to fast response to database call actions and handling over 100,000 active users simultaneously?

  4. Would I need a third party automation tool like Zapier to re-create workflows or can Backendless do it independently?

Thank you for your support

Hello @Akanimo_Williams

Welcome to the Backendless Community. We are happy to answer your questions.

  1. It is difficult for me to assess the full scale of what you already have in Adalo. At a minimum, if you have some business logic that is linked to the Adalo base, you will most likely need to change the endpoints for Backendless. I suggest you to study this article which describes simple cases Visual Adalo App Database and Scalable Codeless Backend

  2. Speaking of collections do you mean tables? If so, Backendless has great database capabilities. You will be able to set up relays between the Users table and the table you want. Relations Overview - Backendless REST API Documentation

  3. Backendless as a backend will work the same with any client, whether it’s Adalo, some react application or Backendless UI Builder.
    Backendless will be able to serve 100,000 active users

  4. Backendless has many business logic tools such as eventHandlers, timers, services and the need to use Zapier only depends on the task at hand. But if needed, Backendless has the ability to integrate with Zapier. Zapier Integration - Integrate Backendless With Zapier | Backendless