Backendless can not work with Angular 4

package.json has
“backendless”: “^4.1.5”

error message:
backendless has no default export
webpack:Failed to compile

Hi Mark,

Could you please prepare a minimal sample with instruction on how to run it, so that we could reproduce the problem more quick?

Hi Mark

Please upgrade the JS-SDK to version 4.1.8, and let us know if the problem is still present for you

Regards, Vlad

version 4.1.8 works fine. Thanks a lot.

other question, do you have a working copy demo for ioinc 2/3?
I download your ionic code. that seems not working.

I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-16149 to fix code generation for Ionic2 App.
For now, as workaround I can propose you two things</img>

let us know if it worked for you
Regards, Vlad

is there a tutorial on getting started with angular 4 and backendless? I’m having trouble using the current tutorial ( I’m using angular CLI. Thank you for your help.

Hi Marco

Unfortunately we don’t have a tutorial for Angular 4.
Including Backendless to project should be easy, just install it from NPM and import into your project.
Could you please share your problem with us?
Thanks, Vlad