Backendless chart. Customizing via UI

Hello community.
I have table, that contains ID of device (hp_id or hp_reference) and number parameters that should be displayed in chart:

I want to provide end user with next possibilities:

  1. To type device ID (hp_id parameter) and get corresponding to that ID data (for instance he types ID = 11111111 and get displayed on chart all paramterers that corresponds to hp_id=11111111 - X axis is time axis). We can do that by typing corresponding text in ‘Where Clause’ field in Backendless chart menu (end user should not have access to it). But I did not find that option in Backendless codeless environment.

  2. To change time range (X axis). For instance we want to see value change dynamic from DT to DT. That option I did not find even in Backendless chart menu.

  3. To change name of parameters (only in chart). For instance we want to see Inlet and Outlet temperatures names in chart legend instead of reg673 and reg674.

When I select preview of UI with chart I see something like this:

No options for chart adjusting are available.
Is it possible to execute tasks above in Backendless? If yes, how can I do that?

Hello @Oles_Lototsiy

Right now we don’t have the opportunity to do it. You can only change the used Chart to another by name. We are currently reworking this section and may add this feature in the future.