Backendless Cloud pricing vs Bubble

Bubble recently announced some potential price changes (they haven’t committed to anything yet so far as I know).

Are “things” in Bubble pricing the same as “objects” in Backendless Cloud pricing?

I believe a Bubble thing represents a row/record in a Bubble database table. Do Backendless “objects” also represent a row/record in a Backendless database table?

Also…my reading of Backendless’s Cloud 99 pricing regarding tables/objects is that you can have up to 200 tables and that each of those tables can have up to 400,000 objects. Is that correct…or is it that you can only have up to 400,000 objects in your Cloud 99 database in total (not 400,000 per table)?

Much appreciated.

Hello @eddie7

Cloud99 plan includes 400,000 objects per table.


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Thank you, @Inna_Shkolnaya.

What do objects in Backendless represent? Does one Backendless object equal one row/record in a Backendless database table?

Yes, a single object represents one database record

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Hello everyone,

I also have a question in comparison with Bubble’s prices.

I see that Cloud9 allows to have a custom domain but without SSL. While for the same price Bubble allows to have a custom domain with SSL.

I would like to know why this choice knowing that an application without SSL is (from my point of view) unusable?

Cloud9 would be so interesting if it was possible to have an SSL certificate with its custom domain and not only with a backendless subdomain.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi, @Seb777

According to our Cloud Pricing plan, we provide an SSL certificate for your own domain name only on the Cloud 99 plan. If you currently have a need for an SSL certificate for your application, you can change your pricing plan to Cloud 99.

Regards, Marina