Backendless Crashing (iOS SDK)

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Apparently the SDK itself is crashing … Im using firebase for tracking crashed … please see attached file for the details about this specific crash … let me know if you need more info from my side

just one more note … this is not the first time this is crashing … I recall seeing It before

Reproducible Test Case


Hello @eyad-pro

Could you please be so kind and refactor the topic description, there are lots of information from the topic template. Please read carefully the text and remove all unnecessary information.

Regards, Vlad

done …pls check

@olhadanylova please take a look at this problem

@eyad-pro could you please create a simple/minimal project (not the entire project) to reproduce the issue and send it to us?


I’m not sure this is going to work … This simple project might not reproduce the problem … if I create a simple project I don’t know which SDK APIs I can test … do you have any idea from the crash report ? … if you specifically want me to test any API I will do but I can’t reproduce All APIs in a new simple project you know and it will not be simple project anyway …

Hi @eyad-pro!

Could you please send us full report from Firebase with entire lines 2-7 and also other lines that is present after line #10. Currently it seems like they were cutted but htey can contain important information.

Regards, Andriy

Yes sorry it was truncated …

find the attached pdf for the lines up to 16
iosCrash.pdf (18.5 KB)

Hello @eyad-pro,

Unfortunately these logs don’t provide enough information to reproduce the issue. It seems like something goes wrong with the find method but it’s impossible to reproduce it without knowing the name of the table or the query builder parameters which were sent to server.


well … you will know more than me about your SDK but it seems from attached report that the problem is around some StoredObjectsId from Dictionary Items Mapping invoked by the find function …I think this narrows the search area …

The problem here is we can’t just do nothing … its a critical thing to look at

Would you be able to identify the find request before the crash and capture the parameters of the query?

Hi Mark & Olha…

I got the same issue again just few minutes back… this time I was lucky to catch it in Xcode code itself (see attached file) … Cleary it has nothing to do with the find query itself , its to do with pointing to a nil objectId value in one of Backendless iOS SDK functions (which by the way was also traceable from the Crash report I sent earlier)… the image is self explanatory

would appreciate a confirmation and feedback on the next step


Hi Eyad,

Thank you for sharing the info. When you say that the problem has nothing to do with the find query itself, does it mean that the same code that runs the query sometimes works and sometimes crashes as you showed above? If it crashes every time, we’re really like to get the details of the query as I requested earlier.



The rememberObjectId() function is called only after the objectId != nil validation.
As far as you caught this issue in Xcode, could you please provide the details of the query as Mark asked?



I’m still trying to reproduce that find function …its something happening based on silent remote notification fetch process

Hi @eyad-pro

Why do you think this problem is related to the notifications?

Best Regards,


I didn’t say the problem itself is related to notification … I said the find query is triggered by notification action , so I need to reproduce it this way

There is a related topics on SOF with your problem:

Do you use AFNetworking?
What version of Firebase SDK do you use? Please update it to v.7.0.1

You can also try to call the find request directly to discover if notifications are related to this problem.

Yes sure but I’m trying to reproduce the thing exactly … for me its a strange thing … soy’s trying to follow same route …

about your earlier message, no Im not using AFN and the FB is 7.1.0 … I guess the top rows in the crash report are pointing to the SDK directly plus the Xcode debug pointed to the same …anyway I’'l have to look at it further