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Backendless & Crypto (ADA with Blockly Coding)

It just so happens that my favorite crypto and my favorite development platform are thinking along the same lines. In my opinion. Cardano (ADA) is the most likely candidate to replace both Bitcoin and Ethereum, (eventually.)

As you’re probably heard, blockchain programmers are in VERY high demand these days. In case anyone is interested, Cardano is the only coin (blockchain) planning on offering block coding in their financial contract ecosystem. This is a working example of an escrow contract.

Here’s the link to the Marlowe Playground.
1- Select button at bottom of page, Start a new Project.
2- Select Blockly as the coding environment.
3- Once in the IDE, select Open Example.

This is a list of the sample Contracts currently available.

  • Escrow
  • Escrow with Collateral
  • Zero Coupon Bond
  • Coupon Bond Guarantee
  • Token Swap
  • Contract for Differences
  • Contract for Differences with Oracle

Of course simple operations such as sending and receiving ADA
coins and tokens is implied.
(In addition to contract based transactions.)

Note: I have yet to do any actual blockchain coding, though at this point,
I’d be glad to answer any general crypto questions, here or with messages.


Hi, @Townsend

Thank you for your idea, it sounds really great, we will discuss it with the team. And consider all aspects of this topic.