Backendless Developer Permissions: limit interactions with other apps

Hi there,
I am looking at setting developer permissions for our team. The Dev Permissions tab is excellent, but I wanted to ask whether the following is possible.

I am looking to restrict access to invoke certain methods that can cause high volume activity in external apps.

For example, one of our methods in Backendless contains a loop that may send text messages via API to a text messaging app. An inexperienced developer might invoke the method and send a hundred text messages to our customers.

Is there any way to prevent this?

I was thinking of these options:
a) Store the API key used in the the POST request to these external services in a table. Then restrict access to the table
b) Restrict access to the method?

Have you come across such an issue before? Thanks


At the present moment, developer permissions do not allow such granularity. You can either grant permission to all or no tables, likewise, it would be a permission to all or none of the services.