Backendless Developer

I’m new to backendless and need help locating an experienced developer to establish business rapport with for initial project as well as future projects / maintenance.

Can someone direct or help me?

Hello @Matt_Combs and welcome! :slight_smile:

I am an experienced Backendless Developer and software engineer.

What kind of project is your initial project?


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Thanks for reaching out. I run a small healthcare fulfillment business. I recently made the decision to use Backendless to manage order data. The UI for now is only internal but I need automated workflows set up between several other kinds of applications my customers use.

I have a specific project for a health & wellness customer I need to create in Backendless, using it as my central source of truth with triggers based on an orders life cycle. Triggers would generate basic processes like updating records, filing items away, moving files, etc. between Backendless and AWS S3 buckets as well as my order management system.

I’d be interested in chatting if you have any time this week.



Sure that would be fine.

You can DM me for details.


Hello @Michael_Kadron - Would you be open for a collab?

Hello @Nineteeseven_Campaigns and welcome :slight_smile:

I would be happy to discuss with you.



I’ve worked with Backendless on several projects and can confidently say it’s a powerful platform.

If you’re looking for an experienced developer to help you get started, I’d be more than happy to take on the job. My expertise lies in designing scalable and secure solutions.

You can reach out to me on my email here