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Backendless down, data lost

(Triplogic Developer) #1

backendless down and lost data

how is the service, please correct, our data is valuable

(Sergey Chupov) #2


The service has been restored and your data is in place. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

(Jonathan ) #3

@sergey-chupov Is Backendless down? When I try to go to the dashboard, it is just loading forever. Then I get a “No connection with server” error. Is there a status page to let us know what’s going on? When will this be resolved?

(Jonathan ) #4

Correction. Looks like things are back up again.Thanks

(Chris) #5

Is there any explanation for the downtime today? I received number customer complaints while backendless was down and my customers couldn’t login to my app.

(Mark Piller) #7

The database cluster started processing queries slower than usual, which resulted in a large backlog of requests where some requests would be timing out before they could get any processing time.

(Chris) #8

Thanks for the update mark. Just a thought… would be nice if you sent out a status email of sorts in these instances. An alert that hey the system is down and another explaining the root cause and confirming its back up and running.

(Mark Piller) #9

We share that information in our slack channel. You’re welcome to join at

(Chris) #10

Oh okay, good to know, thanks!

(Mark Piller) #11

@Triplogic_Developer and @chrisF0, could you please confirm if your can see all your data and the apps are operational?


(Fabio Na) #12

Hi, I had problem too I can confirm is ok now.

(Chris) #13

Looks good now, thanks

(Dinesh M) #14

Still my app throwing same error. Has the db migration completed? If not yet, any particular time window to complete? Thanks

(Mark Piller) #15

Hi Dinesh,

Please let us know your app ID so we can make sure your app is in the transfer list.


(Dinesh M) #16

Hi Mark,

Here is my app id: CA56A8FA-EC12-4632-FFEF-BF0001624200

Thanks & Regards


(Dinesh M) #17

Hi Mark,

Still it is not working. it throwing this error "{

“code”: 2002,

“message”: “Unable to identify the application. Make sure application ID and API key are correct”,

“errorData”: {}


I have shared the app id in previous mail. pls help.

Thanks & Regards


(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #18

@Dinesh_M the error says that you have provided wrong application id or api key, can you see the application in the list of applications of your backendless console?
what was the name of application?
when you used your application last time?
which developers were added to this application?