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Backendless Entity not uploading correctly

(Feras AlSaab) #1


I updated to Backendless 5 and corrected a lot of problems. I have the following code that used to work:

class func updateCurrentUser(with Object: [Objects]) -> Promise {
currentUser.object = Object
return Promise { (fulfill, reject) in
backendless.userService.update(currentUser, response: { responseUser in
}, error: { fault in

The Object is correct and is of type “BackendlessEntity”, This object should fill out another table that has a relational link to the user table. The returned user no longer has the object which makes no sense to me and the table remains empty for my users. If i try and retrieve the data it also doesn’t exist.

there doesn’t seem to be any change between the Backendless 3 or Backendless 5 functions for this operation. Could you please clarify why this is not working?



(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #2


when you update parent object its children would not be saved, because backendless 5 does not save related objects, only parent object. Please read how to handle relations

(Feras AlSaab) #3

So if I understand this correctly. I need to save the child objects in their own table, and then create a relation between them?

(Sergey Chupov) #4

Yes, exactly. First you save the child objects, then you save a relation between the parent and the child objects.

(Feras AlSaab) #5

Ok this is not working. Do you have a sample iOS app that shows this setup?

(Mark Piller) #6

The documentation for iOS shows examples of the API for saving objects and for creating relations. We’re you able to find it in the docs?

(Feras AlSaab) #7

Yes but they don’t work, I think Im missing something

(Mark Piller) #8

Try debugging the code to understand where things go wrong. Report back what you find out