Backendless is sending multiple email when user request password recovery


I am currently using Appgyver to develop my app and is working on reseting user’s password. I am able to receive the password recovery email from Backendless however it keeps sending multiple emails.

Application ID


Expected Behavior

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action.

  1. User clicks on reset password in Appgyver
  2. User will receive email generated by Backendless, containing a new password

Actual Behavior

Please provide a description of what actually happens, working from the same starting point.

  1. User clicks on reset password in Appgyver
  2. User is receiving multiple (8-12) emails about password recovery

Thank you.

Hi, @JCS_Consultancy

If you call the password recovery method via the API (not through your app in Appgyver), is the password sent to the email once?

Password Reset - Backendless REST API Documentation

In my application, the password is sent once when this method is called. If the email does arrive just once, I think you should investigate this issue specifically in your application to check the logic that calls this method.


Hi Marina,

I looked around my application and found out that the api was called multiple times somewhere, thank you for the fast response!