Decided to use Backendless logger API.
I use it like this :
Backendless.Logging.setLogReportingPolicy( 1, 1 );
let log = Backendless.Logging.getLogger(“”);

But when I opened “REAL-TIME LOGGING” page I got “xhr poll error” error message on the screen.

What could be the problem?

Hi Mohamad

I just checked it, and looks like everything works well

could you please provide your appID

Regards, Vlad

Hi @vladimir-upirov

app_id : 322E4DE2-BCCF-92E1-FFE6-1EEEE1C30A00

is this app in Backendless Cloud ?

I can not find application with this “322E4DE2-BCCF-92E1-FFE6-1EEEE1C30A00” id

No this is on managed.

now I see, we are working on it

could you please ckeck it, the issue has been fixed

Yes, it is fixed now. Thanks.

@vladimir-upirov. Another problem came opp. I get this error message “Invalid or missing fields for Log Level or Policy Name” When I try to change “LOG LEVEL” on " CONFIGURATION" page !

What do these 1,1 mean in Backendless.Logging.setLogReportingPolicy( 1, 1 ) ?

here is a doc for Backendless.Logging.setLogReportingPolicy( 1, 1 )

yes, we can reproduce it, and I’ve created a ticket BKNDLSS-19042

the problem is with Logger Name, could you please replace “.” (dots) in the logger name to “_” (underscore) char, until it is not fixed

Regards, Vlad

It seems that it works fin now, thanks.