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[Backendless.messaging] How i can un subscribe channel?

As title topic, I found function Backendless.messaging.subscribe but i can’t found un subscribe?
And i receive error limited 30 subscribe

@vladimir-upirov Hi.

WOuld you please show me how to unsubscribe Backendless.messaging.? And as I see, the max. number of subscription is 30, is this right? How can I extend that limit?

Many thanks

Hello @Minh_Tuan_Vu

In order to remove a subscription listener you can use this Removing Listeners - Backendless SDK for Flutter API Documentation

Or, you can drop all the listeners you can just leave the channel

Regards, Vlad

Nope, as in your document, does this just leave but not unsubscribe from the app’s channel, and when I resubscribe to other channels (over 30 times) will I get the same error again?

Hello @Minh_Minh

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.

Please provide the full text of the error signaling that the limit of 30 subscriptions has been exceeded.

You can also use API to control channel’s state.

Hi, @Minh_Minh

As the docs say leave the channel does not unsubscribe the user from it. Avoid the current limit of 30 channels is possible by deleting a channel. I have created an Internal ticket to discuss this functionality - BKNDLSS-25479.


Tks @Marina.Rudenko !