Hi team.

Trying to send email , but didnt receive it , I dont understand why
Application ID - 470BCED0-1919-8AC5-FF71-6E82E3906C00

When trying it locally with DEV credentials it works.

Using documented API

Hi Andrii

Which SDK do you use? JS, Java or iOS?

Thanks, Vlad


Did you try to pass AsyncCallback as fourth argument for getting any result or error?

And do you have a Pro Installation, not Cloud, right?

When I tried:
AsyncCallback<Void> responder = new AsyncCallback<Void>() {
public void handleResponse(Void response) {"[ASYNC] email has been sent");

        public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {
  "error sending email - " + fault.getMessage());

            email, responder);

The method handleFault was called with next message :You have no permission to thread manipulation

Do you use the code inside Business Logic, and do you have a Pro Installation?

And do you have a Pro Installation, not Cloud ? - did not get you

I mean do you have your application here

I’m asking because I can’t find app with ID 470BCED0-1919-8AC5-FF71-6E82E3906C00 what you provided


what was the issue?