Backendless | MessagingService | Push notification | PersistenceService

What I am trying to achieve is to update a table residing in my data tab when push notification is actually sent from backendless not scheduled. So my question is two fold:

Scenario 1:

Now according to my understanding the Push notification can be scheduled in MessagingService. Is there a way we can know exactly when the push notification were sent by back endless? Given that I’m keeping track of publishId I would be more interested in knowing when that particular push was released by Backendless from their end? Whether or not the push notification was received by the intended party is not of importance here.

Scenario 2:

If at all scenario 1 is possible, how difficult will it be to access PersistenceService from within the MessagingService.

Hope what Ive said makes some sense atleast.



Please look at Custom Business Logic.
You can achieve all the scenarios using Event Handlers API.


Thank you for the reply, Artur. Currently my team is looking into this matter.

I suppose afterPublish is what we were after. I wanted to clarify though, afterPublish handler get called when the push notification is forwarded by Backendless to GCM/APNS? Is that right ?

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction?

Will get back to you if I need some more help on this