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Backendless - Missions

Task: Add Object With API

Please, describe your problem here.
I am completely new to backendless, app writing, java, etc. I have no idea what JSON is.
I am making my way though your missions and have no idea what to do with:
Configure your client-side environment to work with Backendless. Our documentation describes the necessary steps. For example, click here for Backendless guide for JavaScript. You can switch to other languages inside the documentation.

Use Backendless API to save an object in the database. Make sure to store the object in the Person table. For example, the following code saves a new object in the database:

const APP_ID = ‘XXXXXXX-7252-9A9E-FFF3’;
const API_KEY = ‘XXXXXXX-4591-4886-9A54’;
Backendless.initApp(APP_ID, API_KEY);

var objToSave = {name: ‘Joe’, age: 25};
.then(function (object) {
console.log(‘Object has been saved’);
return object;
.catch(function (error) {
console.log( 'Error ’ + error.message);
throw error;

I don’t know what to do.

Hello @Marc_Perez

Great to see you in our community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, but your question is too wide, and I don’t clearly understand how can I help you. Could you please clarify your problem?

Missions are good to complete, but not necessary.
Also, if you haven’t experience with JavaScript(or other languages used in other SDK), you can try to build your app using UI-Builder and Codeless logic

Information about it in videos, and documentation

Regards, Dima