Backendless on node js

Hi Guys

Just wondered if you had any more articles , tutorials / blogs regarding using backendless in a node js application. found this but any more tutorials would be helpful, especially best practices and authentication flow for user authentication using node js as the backend for a web app


Hello @mike-turner

In order to see all the articles related to node.js, you can visit our blog and select the node.js section - node.js category in our blog or enter a search query for node - search result for the word node.

Hello @mike-turner

Our JS-SDK is capable for using in Browser and in Nodejs env as well, you can find all the API by the following the doc Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation

Regards, Vlad

Thanks Vlad, yeah, I was just wondered if there was a fully working tutorial in the Node js env I could follow along with for ease, but I can work it through. Many thanks.

Thanks Vladimir, I will check them all out.