backendless play service stop bug

How to prevent play service stop bug which get solved by deleting RUNNING_PID file in htdocs folder.This bug happens sometimes and I don’t know what is the reason and I have to delete that file and restart services again.
I highly need this problem to be solved

Hi Mousa,

This file will be deleted automatically if play stops correctly. However, if play stops in an unappropriate way, this file should be removed manually.



Hi Denys

Thanks a lot. but I never touched a play service and it stopped by itself even without
sudden computer shutdown etc.
I will look more closely to its behavior in different stop scenarios


How is the right way to stop and start backendless standalone in windows?
When I stop the services manually and restart computer, backendless automatically
start services and Running_PID file get created in htdocs folder.but play does not stop in this case
what is the right procedure to start and stop backendless standalon?

hi mousa
you should add running_pid file path to playserverService.conf like below:
this solve your problem = C:\Bitnami\backendless-3.0.0-27\apps\backendless\htdocs

Hi Hamid

If I do this would I face a play service stop after system restart or not?
I have to try

hi mousa
no i test it,if you do it play service does nto stop after restart

Hi Hamid
I tested your solution but it did not solve the play service stop bug. this is the main reason I’m disappointed with backendless
why this bug is there? I can not tell to my customer always look at to service whether is stopped or not.
I think this type of service stop never happens in WAMP for example.

Hi Hamid
I’ve sent an email to you