Backendless PRO and javascript BL

in the Backendless Pro documentated “Unsupported features” mentioned Business logic in JavaScript.
But in the chapter “Using CodeRunner SDK” there is paragraph “CodeRunner SDK for JavaScript” which is
Business logic in JavaScript. Does this mean that this chapter shouldn’t actually be there?

Hi Yuriy,
What chapter do you mean? Could you please provide a link?
Anyway, the support for JS Business Logic will be available in the next few months.

I mean that if Javascript BL isn’t working (yet) then paragraph about “CodeRunner SDK for JavaScript” here make no sense (yet)

Thanks for pointing out.

Yes, it really makes no sense now, but let’s suppose that it’s here just to not be missed in the future when JS Business Logic is out :slight_smile:

Yuriy, sorry about the confusion.

The “Unsupported Features” section lists “Business login in JS” as a feature which is currently not supported:

The “Using CodeRunner SDK” page has been updated to clarify what the instructions for the JS version of CodeRunner are for: