Backendless pro currently does not install correctly with mysql error lower_case_table_names & file system which is an unsupported combination

REF - case insensitive file systems · Issue #105 · Backendless/BackendlessPro · GitHub


command was: mysqld --lower_case_table_names=0 --sql-mode= --verbose --help --log-bin-index=/tmp/tmp.Kw21auDogc
	2021-07-01T23:53:56.156616Z 0 [ERROR] The server option 'lower_case_table_names' is configured to use case sensitive table names but the data directory is on a case-insensitive file system which is an unsupported combination. Please consider either using a case sensitive file system for your data directory or switching to a case-insensitive table name mode.

Hello @simon_pinkney

try to change the option here BackendlessPro/dbs-compose.yml at master · Backendless/BackendlessPro · GitHub to 1

stop, make sure the folder scripts/mounts/mysql/data is empty but do not remove it and then start bacekndless again.

Sorted, Cheers