Backendless react native push notification: Could not find

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Backendless Version (5.x )

Client SDK (JS, react-native)

Application ID

covid-alert (13273B5D-AF7E-2CBF-FF48-AAFDBB6FA700)

Expected Behavior

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action.

1.Create standard react native application
2. Follow instructions from github “” to
get firebase sdk configured in your app for notifications.
3. exec “react-native run-android” and expect application to deploy to device.

Actual Behavior

Application fails to deploy because “Could not find”

I have followed the steps described in the github page to get dependencies installed. Per the instructions, here is my setup:

Here is my ‘\android\app\build.gradle’:
added this line at the bottom of file:

apply plugin: ‘’

Here are lines from my ‘\android\build.gradle’:

dependencies {


    classpath ''


Sorry if this issue may not be directly backendless (maybe more react-native setup). But I have followed instructions from your repositories. It seems that it is not working. Maybe documentation may need to be updated. In any case, thank you for your support/

Hello @seya-obey

Thanks for the report, I just created an internal ticket to check this, the ticket’s number is BKNDLSS-21961

Regards, Vlad

Thank you!

Android instructions for React SDK has been updated: