Backendless_sdk: ^7.1.1 IOS

I have prob with backendless_sdk: ^7.1.1 IOS
When build i got this error:
“Instance method ‘decode(_:from:)’ requires that ‘RelationStatus’ conform to ‘Decodable’”
Please help!

Does the error come from the Backendless code?

Yes, this error from backendless sdk
Do you need i check what line?

Hello @Minh_Minh

Yes, please provide the entire stack trace

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I’ve wrote about it in previous topic with Flutter and iOS and 7.1.1 problem, look at your internal ticket(BKNDLSS-26283).

there is a error in RelationStatus.swift definition, it must be

@objcMembers public class RelationStatus: NSObject, Codable {

(and there was just NSObject, no Codable)

this error easy fix from XCode.


Thanks for the provided solution and btw the FlutterSDK is open source and you can create a pull request here

please ping me when have news

No, thank you ) I’m thinkng about changing backend service. It seems, you just hate Flutter programmers, according last issues

Maybe :smiley:

Hi @vladimir-upirov, @mark-piller
Please check it

Our application has reached the stage where it needs to be tested on IOS device, hope you can help!
Many tks!

Hello @Minh_Tuan_Vu

The internal ticket BKNDLSS-26283 for this issue was already created
We will let you know when this is fixed.


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Hello, @Minh_Minh, @A2_Capital, @Minh_Tuan_Vu.

The issue has been fixed in version 7.1.3

Best Regards, Nikita.

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okay good, thank you!