Backendless sends empty object (API POST request) instead of data object

Hello community.
I have quite simple UI with one input. On input value change next script will be executed:

On server side I use Node-RED with self-signed certificates (but it runs over https protocol).
When I change input value, empty object is transmitted to server (instead of object with data) via POST type request:


I use POST method of request from both cases.
Each time I change input value in Backendless UI I get empty object on server side.

What is a reason of this issue? Can be self-signed certificates of server side a reason of that problem?

One more moment. I am new user of Backendless system. Thus, any related to this issue information will be usefull for me.

Hello, @Oles_Lototsiy.

Сan you create a test page so we can test this?

Regards, Nikita.

Unfortanelly no, node-red server located in local network (no access from outside). In path parameter I set https://ServerInternal_IP>:1880/test-from.

But I can share with flow from node-red. Is that applicable?

Can you check what data is being send from server to client side in your request?

You mean server response?

Hi @Oles_Lototsiy

  1. yes, and could you please enable Method

  2. then open POST and take a look at the Request Payload

  3. I believe you can see an empty body on the server because it’s actually an Option request that your server does not handler correctly

Yes, prabably it is:

payload field:

What should I do in such situation?

as you can see on the client is everything good, so need to fix it on your server