Backendless Timeout

Hey! Sorry for bothering you again :slight_smile:

Especially lately I’ve been having trouble uploading my custom business logic to Backendless. Uploading the .jar container flashes “Remote database unavailable” in the upper right corner of the screen. Same error goes for CodeRunner. Usually when this happens I can try again and it uploads the .jar fine, but for example today I had to try almost two hours to get it done. Also the whole Backendless web is kinda laggy and freezes occasionally and the ‘home’ page of the project also throws “Remote database unavailable”.

In addition, our client application depends almost solely on REST api and HTTP requests to operate and every other request goes to a server timeout, thus the client being unable to see the data from server. Is there a way to adjust this timeout period, especially if it’s happening in your end? Our client has run pretty smoothly until last few days.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Larri,

We are currently working on a problem causing general slow down of the service. We hope to have it fixed this week. It is causing the behavior you’re experiencing.


Thank you for your reply, Mark. I thought of something like that because the connection problems are so random. I hope you get it working soon :slight_smile:

Best regards,