BackendLess Tutoring

Hi, can I get someone to mentor me on

I’d like help beginning the building of an app I designed in Figma using BackendLess. Meaning, can you help me learn BackendLess by actually tutoring me on the starting point of building my app?




Hi @Rene-Lee_Sylvain

Here are a few links that can help you to start learning Backendless

If you would like to get private assistance from the Backendless team please contact us by the following email

Regards, Vlad

I got a question for ya Vlad. Are there any examples of apps that were made using BackendLess? I am curious about what they look like.

A second question is, is there a person who can help us build an app using BackendLess?



Alright, I’ll just keep learning the platform and see how it goes. I just want to know what kind of quality of an app you can produce with BackendLess. Can you make an app that looks and feels like all the best apps?


Hello, @Rene-Lee_Sylvain.

You can download BackendlessViewer app from Google Play or Appstore. All applications that are in that directive were created using Backendless.
Also, when creating a new application, you can select a ready-made blueprint, so you can also look at almost finished products.

Best Regards, Nikita.

You can see some of the apps we created with UI Builder by following the link below:
Backendless Marketplace | Backendless

Yes, please see